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Josh Kerr, Tweed Expat.

© Kerrzy/ Matt Kleiner

Josh Kerr was raised on the Tweed Coast -- a wave-heavy paradise in the delta of Mt Warning, where creeks claw through blizzard-white sand to create sandbanks every mile or so.

It’s a stupidly-idyllic 30sq mile stretch; where the plains are a haze of sugar cane, and the hills are covered in macadamia trees, avocado orchards and banana farms.

There are pointbreaky/beachbreaky things in the lee of each of the five headlands, there’s rock groyne backbeaches, there are reef slabs, there’s enough bush to go a-hunting banks in the middle of nowhere …

These days, Josh lives in Southern California, there’s traffic, the San Andreas fault, nuclear reactors, and that’s just in the nice neighbourhoods.

But it’s still paradise if you know where to go on any one of the crisp winter mornings they’ve had over the break. And, after seeing this clip, it’s easy to see why the transition hasn’t been too much of a struggle for the World Number #8.

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